NAPT is accredited by a leading accreditation body. To view NAPT's scope of accreditation please click here.

After a thorough assessment, NAPT has been found to meet the requirements of International Standard ISO/IEC 17043: 2010 Conformity assessment-General requirements for Proficiency Testing. This provider meets the management system requirements of ISO 17043:2010, which includes the principles of ISO 9001:2008. Therefore, in recognition of a successful evaluation process, accreditation was granted to NAPT.

Our accreditation includes Dimensional, Electrical, Mechanical, RF Microwave, Thermodynamic, and Time/Frequency, thus giving us the ability to offer ILC/PTs for numerous sub-disciplines. Please review NAPT’s scope to view all available sub disciplines.

As the largest proficiency tester provider to the metrology community we will be adding disciplines to our Scope of Accreditation as the needs of the community dictate.

While we are very proud of our accreditation, we believe there is more to being a proficiency testing provider than just being accredited. NAPT prides itself on not only being the first provider to offer proficiency tests to the metrology community but the only non profit association dedicated to ensuring your needs are meet.

Every day our members share with us why they use NAPT. After becoming fully informed you too will be convinced that NAPT is the best choice for your organization. We would ask that you visit the following pages for more information on why you should be using NAPT as your proficiency testing provider.

Click here to download our current accreditation certificate