NAPT Staff

NAPT has a full- time staff dedicated to assisting you and your organization with your Proficiency Testing needs from scheduling all the way to your final results.

Whether seeking accreditation or complying with your accreditation requirements to better improve your measurement process, NAPT is here for you.  So, if you, your accreditation body or your assessors have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Each staff member believes quality customer service is the key to our success as the preferred proficiency testing provider. Give us a call and experience for yourself what true customer service feels like.

Meet Our Team

Carol Hockert, Managing Director

The Managing Director is accountable for all business operations. This includes developing a strategic business plan to ensure long term success and framework for sound business decisions. Quality initiatives are developed and resources provided to maintain and improve the quality system. As a non-profit organization, this position is responsible for all local and state legal requirements.


Areas of focus include:

  • Promote NAPT with Peers In Industry
  • Solicit NAPT Board members who can contribute to the long term success.
  • Initiates and approves Management Review
  • Final approval of Corrective/Preventive Actions
  • Fund Raising
  • Overall responsibility for financial stability
  • Staffing
  • New Business and Partnership Development
  • Liaison with Accrediting Bodies
  • Provide Insight on Industry Developments
  • Business Plan/Strategic Goals & Objectives
  • Formulate education goals for staff
  • Take all necessary precautions to ensure no conflict of interest occurs between parties associated with NAPT.

Bobbie Gabler, Office Manager

Customer Service is responsible for over seeing of all participants activities. Bobbie is responsible for invoicing, entering of payments as well as marketing. She looks forward to making more contact with new and returning clients as she moves into the sales area.


  • Invoicing-for both single participant customers and members
  • Following up on outstanding invoices
  • Sending confirmation email when any payments received
  • Recording accounts receivable
  • Making adjustments to customer records
  • Communicating on past due accounts
  • Communicating with new and returning participants to assure customer satisfaction
  • Determining the need and demand for new ILC/PT’s to be developed
  • Creating test documents for new ILC/PT’s and updating of outdated test documents
  • Assigning tasks for various projects to other employees
  • Communicating with customers to resolve any emerging problems
  • Providing outstanding customer service and support


Michael Gaertner, Quality Manager

The Quality Manager is responsible for development and full implementation of the NAPT Quality System. Assures staff is knowledgeable of areas that have significant influence. Conducts internal audits per established schedule and provides follow through to the Managing Director. Reviews and assures closure of Corrective and Preventive Action initiatives. Accountable for all ongoing accreditation activities.


Areas of focus include:

  • Liaison with accrediting bodies (AB)
  • Oversees the maintenance of training/qualification records
  • Administering and implementing a atmosphere of continuous improvement
  • Oversees coordination of document control activities
  • Focal point for resolution of customer complaints
  • Provides agenda topics for Management Review
  • Provides insight on developments in testing and calibration
  • Assists in developing NAPT Business Plan and Strategic Goals and Objectives
  • Deputy Technical Manager in their absence
  • Take all necessary precautions to ensure no conflict of interest occurs between NAPT, clients or artifact sponsors.

Charles Ellis, Technical Manager

Technical Manager plays a key role in the daily operations and is critical to successful strategic growth and development of NAPT.  The Technical Manager is involved directly and indirectly in all aspects of the technical operations, customer service and a primary importance is assuring the integrity of current tests and actively develops new ILC/PTs as based on market need.


·         Solicit volunteer staff of Technical Advisors

·         Develop new ILC/PT’s

·         Review test results and assure data integrity before submitting to customers

·         Assure data processing equipment and software systems are maintained and validated

·         Analyze test data and write technical reviews

·         Answer technical questions coming from clients regarding test results

·         Liaison with accrediting bodies (AB)

·         Acquire new test artifacts that will support new test development

·         Seek out reference laboratories

·         Provide insight on industry developments

·         Assists in developing NAPT Business plan and strategic goals and objectives

·         Deputy Quality Manager in their absence



The statistician is responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of the statistical algorithms utilized used by NAPT.  Statistician provides oversight while assuring the procedures developed are accurate and define methods that align them with current ISO standards and also align them with the cutting edge research being done in the area of statistics in proficiency testing.  When necessary, statistician provides guidance and assistance to the IT manager in developing software used by the association to establish statistically correct processes.  


Elizabeth Scott, Office Assistant

Elizabeth (Liz)'s is responsible for management of NAPT's ILC/PT Management Application along with tracking and scheduling.


  • Answer incoming telephone calls and route accordingly
  • Responding to customer inquiries about scheduling of artifacts
  • Scheduling and tracking of NAPT artifacts and tests
  • Data entry of participant ILC/PT data
  • Creating participant preliminary and final reports
  • Communicating with customers to resolve any possible problems
  • Maintaining the ILC/PT Management application
  • Maintaining contact records
  • Creating and maintaining NAPT documents and forms
  • Creating files as directed, and file internal documents
  • To complete any other assigned projects
  • Providing outstanding customer service and support

Richard Brynteson, Information Technologist & Developer

The information Technologist is responsible for developing and maintaining all NAPT workstations, servers and host solutions.  Additionally, this role oversees the development and management of the QMS Navigator services.

  • Provide training on any newly developed software or changes to existing software
  • Provide input to Management Review
  • Recommend workstation upgrades
  • Management and development of QMS Application
  • Support and maintain deployed solutions
  • Participate in development of project plans
  • Management, backup and development SQL Server
  • Manage, maintain and provision resources in Azure

Contact NAPT

NAPT was formed to better serve your needs and the needs of the metrology community. 

NAPT's dedicated staff is always happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us with your questions, concerns or suggestions. 

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