Technical Advisor Program

NAPT works closely with our volunteer Technical Advisors to develop, monitor and assess all of our programs. Without these industry experts we would be unable to conduct competent ILC/PTs.

  • Technical Advisors provide our customers with the deep industry experience and technical knowledge for each of our ILC/PTs, including answering the difficult questions on test procedures and calibration.
  • Technical Advisors also provide the required internal review process of all data and reference values for each ILC/PT. This ensures the integrity of each NAPT-Sponsored ILC/PT scheme and assures our customers that reports are accurate and complete.
If you have any questions about becoming a Technical Advisor please contact us.
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Benefits of Becoming a Technical Advisor

NAPT appreciates and relies upon our Technical Advisors. We can never adequately recognize our TAs but do offer the following:

  • Listing of name and organization on our Technical Advisor List including logo and link to organization website if desired.
  • Certificate of Recognition.
  • Recognition of expertise in your field by the metrology community.
  • Working with NAPT as a Technical Advisor will help you gain knowledge and experience that can further your thirst for education and promote your career.

For information on the requirements, responsibilities and estimated time commitments for Technical Advisors please see the Technical Advisor Position Description.

Sponsors & Advisors

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