Artifact Sponsor Program

NAPT constantly strives to expand the scope ILC/PTs that we offer. In order to do this we depend on the generous support of Artifact Sponsors who donate or lend test artifacts to NAPT.

We highly value our Artifact Sponsors. In recognition of their commitment to NAPT and the metrology community we have continued to develop appropriate ways to provide value back to our sponsors.

Benefits of becoming an Artifact Sponsor include:

  • Your company name listed in our Artifact Sponsors List, including company logo and link to your website if desired
  • Prominent recognition on the specific ILC/PT including company name and logo
  • Sponsor recognition on the test artifact itself and/or the case containing the test artifact, where possible
  • Participation in one NAPT-Sponsored ILC/PT per year at no charge as long as NAPT continues to use your artifact
  • Artifact Sponsor Certificate of Recognition
  • Potential tax benefits to your company: NAPT will be happy to provide relevant documentation of your donation
  • Satisfaction that you are helping promote a vital service to the metrology community by supporting this non-profit association and our ability to serve that community's needs

If you have any questions about becoming an Artifact Sponsor please contact us.

Please take a few moments to browse through our list of generous sponsors and technical advisors who help make NAPT possible.

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