Reward Programs

NAPT is pleased to provide to its participants two reward programs developed to not only show our appreciation to you, but to also give back to the community that has supported NAPT over the years. Each of these plans are available through NAPT Membership. Through participation in any of these plans, the participant can earn points which will accumulate towards participation in future ILC/PTs free of charge.

The following Guidelines pertain to each of the earned points plans:

  • Current NAPT Membership status is required
  • Points are earned for/during participation in ILC/PTs that have been purchased
  • Points earned are active as long as your company maintains continual membership
  • Once Membership expires, all points are forfeited
  • NAPT ILC/PT General Instructions and individual ILC/PT instructions must be followed
  • The Point plans go into effect 8/1/07 and cannot be applied to previous participation

Accrue 50 Points and receive participation in 1 NAPT ILC/PT at no charge.

NAPT APP (Appreciation Points Plan)

With the NAPT APP program, members can accrue points on ILC/PTs purchased by meeting the criteria outlined below.

Points that can be earned by participating in single ILC/PT are as follows:

Acceptance Notice
One point given for returning the completed ILC/PT Acceptance Notice within 3 business days. 

Receiving Document

One point given for completing, in full, the "Receiving" portion of the NAPT Shipping & Receiving form and submitting it to NAPT upon receipt of the ILC/PT Kit. 

Data Submittal
One point given for properly submitting data per ILC/PT Instructions

Supporting Documents
One point given for submitting supporting documentation as outlined in the ILC/PT Instructions.

Turn Around Time
One point given for shipping the ILC/PT kit onto the next participant within 3 days of receiving the ILC/PT kit as stated in the General ILC/PT Participation Instructions.

Properly Packed for Shipping
One point given for assuring the NAPT ILC/PT Kit is packed, in it's entirety, with sufficient packing material to secure it's safety in shipping to the next lab. 

Shipping Document
One point given for completing, in full, the "Shipping" portion of the NAPT Shipping & Receiving form and submitting it to NAPT upon shipment of the ILC/PT Kit.

Response to Preliminary
One point given for inquiring in a timely manner with any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to your results on your preliminary report.

Participation Points
Acceptance Notice 1
Receiving Document 1
Data Submittal 1
Supporting Documents 1
Turn Around Time 1
Properly Packed for Shipping 1
Shipping Document 1
Response to Preliminary 1
Total of eight possible points per ILC/PT participation 8

NAPT CEBP (Community Enrollment Bonus Plan)

At the end of each year NAPT will review the participation level of each the ILC/PTs that circulate from lab to lab.  For any ILC/PT that has experienced 48 or more participants during the calendar year, 10 points will be given to each of those labs that help to build the participation level for that particular ILC/PT.

NAPT RP (Referral Program)

Receive $50 off your next invoice when you refer a NEW participant who purchases ILC/PT(s) and/or a membership with ILC/PT(s) participation.
**NAPT members whose referral participants in ILC/PT(s) can request to add 5 Appreciation Points in lieu of the $50 off their next invoice.**