About NAPT

NAPT is a non-profit association dedicated to the improvement of measurement quality.

  • We provide professional administration, coordination and support of Interlaboratory Comparisons (I-ILCs), Proficiency Testing (PTs), and Round Robins. 
  • NAPT’s products and services help technicians and managers improve and better understand their measurement processes and provides training programs designed to help calibration and measurement. 
  • NAPT is the only nonprofit association that offers open enrollment in our proficiency testing programs to any laboratory or organization capable of making the required measurements. 
  • We promote international participation of laboratories and accreditation organizations.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best information, tools and service to help them improve measurement processes and results through participation in interlaboratory comparisons, proficiency testing and round robins.

Our Quality Policy

NAPT provides our clients with an unbiased analysis of measurement processes to enhance awareness of their technical competence and data integrity.

Our Objectives

NAPT's main objective is to support our mission by providing professional management and program administration, coordination, data processing and reporting for interlaboratory comparisons, proficiency testing, and round robins.

NAPT has six main supporting objectives:  

  • Foster development and dissemination of advanced technical knowledge throughout the metrology and testing community.
  • Provide insight that assists clients in gaining a better understanding of their measurement processes.
  • Promote continual improvement in measurement processes through increased knowledge and data integrity.
  • Contribute to policy development and practices in the field of proficiency testing.
  • Assist organizations in meeting accreditation needs through participation in proficiency testing programs.
  • Act as a repository for historical test data of interlaboratory comparisons, proficiency tests and round robins.


NAPT was founded in March of 1996. Beginning in 1993 the association's founder was already developing the awareness and relationships that have supported NAPT's mission. 

It was clear there was a need for an association dedicated to effective proficiency testing because of newly implemented standards set by the metrology community for accreditation standards both nationally and internationally. These requirements suggested that a responsive yet neutral and unbiased party, having non conflict of interest, was needed to manage the administration and coordination of proficiency testing. 

One key finding was that the proficiency programs conducted at that time throughout the U.S. were limited in scope. More importantly, although there were many types of comparison programs being conducted across the world just a few allowed participation from the metrology community in an open format. 

Round robins have been ably conducted by organizations such as NIST and NCSL, but this function was not institutionalized until NAPT's formation. NAPT is the first standing organization dedicated exclusively to providing ILC/PTs. 

NAPT fills a gap in the U.S. accreditation and verification infrastructure. NAPT will not only provide verification of lab proficiency for the U.S. companies that participate, but will also serve as tangible evidence to other countries of U.S. metrology competence.

Organizational Structure

As a nonprofit association, NAPT depends on the generous support and involvement of individuals and organizations from within the metrology community to continue effectively meeting the need for professional third party ILC/PT administration. 

NAPT programs are developed and monitored with the participation and guidance of highly competent industry experts and laboratories in order to ensure that our programs meet the needs of the community NAPT was founded to support.

We welcome and encourage your support, comments and suggestions.


NAPT is incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) scientific and educational nonprofit organization.

  • NAPT programs are conducted in accordance with current quality guidelines and standards. 
  • Our services and programs allow the metrology community to meet the growing demand for proof of measurement proficiency necessary to achieve and maintain accreditation. 
  • We provide third party, unbiased verification of test results. 
  • NAPT test results are accepted by all recognized accreditation bodies as technically sound and in conformance with required standards.