Custom I-ILC/PTs

In the event NAPT cannot supply a Traditional ILC/PT to a lab, NAPT will work with the participating lab to develop an I-ILC/PT that meets the needs of that lab. NAPT will provide support for the lab to administer an in-house proficiency test through an Intra-Laboratory Comparison.  NAPT can do this by either managing the INTRA for the participating lab or by referring the lab to purchase a license or multi licenses and use NAPT's QMSNavigator to administer their own I-ILC/PT.

Any participant interested in participating in an INTRA should fill out a Request to Develop an INTRA ILC/PT form and submit it to NAPT.  Please note that the pricing for an INTRA is different from a Traditional ILC/PT.  Please go to FEES for pricing. 

Request for Development of Intra ILCPT