ILC/PT Management Services

Management Of Inter-Laboratory Comparisons

At NAPT, we provide our clients with an unbiased analysis of measurement processes to enhance awareness of their technical competence and data integrity.  NAPT's Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) programs provide organizations support services to evaluate performance of predetermined measurements based on a set of artifacts provided by NAPT. Inter-laboratory Comparisons are used to:

  • Assist in developing a laboratory's uncertainties
  • Cross-training of laboratory personnel
  • Establish correlation between labs
  • Check Individual testing performance of laboratory personnel
  • Determine characteristics of a material to a particular degree of accuracy

Proficiency Testing (PT)

Proficiency testing is the determination of laboratory performance by means of comparing and evaluating calibrations or tests on the same or similar items or materials by two or more laboratories in accordance with predetermined conditions.

Proficiency tests are used to:

  • Help accreditation bodies to assess the ability of a laboratory to display technical competence.
  • Ensure compliance to published quality standards
  • Ensure conformance to  uncertainties stated in scopes and accreditation
  • Determine the performance of individual laboratories for specific tests or measurements
  • Monitor laboratories' continuing performance
  • Identify process improvement opportunities

Traditional ILC/PTs:

NAPT has the largest selection of distributed artifact(s) for calibration/measurement.  All ILC/PTs are designed and managed by NAPT, from development to delivery of the final report.  Participants receive the artifact(s), perform the test, and ship the artifact(s) to the next participant.

Proficiency Testing Plan

NAPT staff work with participants, reviewing their scope of accreditation, to develop a comprehensive multiyear proficiency testing plan to meet their accreditation requirements.  Multiyear proficiency testing plans are created by comparing a participant's scope to the ILC/PTs currently offered by NAPT   and in accordance to their accrediting body's guidelines.